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Solar Panels


We are a power systems engineering consultant company specializing in system studies, relay programming, and electrical safety. We have served a wide range of clients from health care, oil and gas and FANNG group data centers. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality electrical services and products that exceed industry standards.


Arc Flash Studies

  • Report written and stamped by P.E.

  • Arc Flash Mitigation

  • Accurate One-Lines

  • Data Collection

  • Arc Flash Labels and Application

  • NEC Compliance Review

  • Protective Device Coordination

  • Short Circuit Evaluation

  • Relay File Programming


Electrical Safety

  • Remote or on-site electrical safety and arc flash training


  • Power Quality Analysis

    • Identify electrical issues, poor quality utility power, harmonics etc.​

  • Relay programming and commissioning.

    • Can develop relay files for high and medium voltage projects.​

    • Support in commissioning of systems.

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Located in Frisco, TX


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